Oct 04

2023 EOP: New Products, More Choices and Bigger Value

By Aquatrols | The introduction of UniGrow nutrients, expanded options for UniTech protection products and – of course – the best surfactant technologies in the industry are all part of the 2023 Approach Early Order Program.

Aquatrols is growing its portfolio in three areas critical to turf professionals: hydration, nutrition and plant protection. These new technologies and products have helped to define the company as far more than the wetting agent leader it has been for nearly 70 years. And the company is expanding its EOP and rewards system to let you make the most of your purchases in these three critical areas.

So what’s new for 2023 and how can you and your local rep maximize your purchases using our Approach rewards program? We talked with Greg Sinner, Aquatrols US Sales Manager, to find out what his team is most excited about.

“We have continued to add key products and technologies to our portfolio this year,” says Sinner. “We expanded our nutrition menu, which had been nearly all Redox products, by introducing our UniGrow formulations for a customized nitrogen source and for delivering phosphites effectively.”

Greg Sinner, Aquatrols Sales Manager

The introduction of an N source that fits with the Redox program is a big win. “Now you can add CarbN to your program and get exactly the right nitrogen source that’s formulated using our surfactant technology to get where it can do the most good and complement Redox or another low N program.”

Also coming in 2023: Brawler, a phosphite delivered using UniGrow, and two new UniTech plant protection products: Trigon and Wingspan. “Wingspan combines the dependability of fluazinam with great dispersal and coverage thanks to the UniTech technology. It’s definitely going to be a difference-maker for superintendents looking to make the most of their disease control apps.”

The Approach EOP program is still super simple. First, the EOP timeframe is still a full six months (October 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023) so there’s not a big deadline looming. But the expanded portfolio makes using the program even more valuable. “We’ve added some really important products to our nutrition and protection buckets so if you haven’t enrolled in the program or just used it for your wetting agents in the past, now is the time to take another look.”

If you’re curious about how the expanded EOP might look based on your needs, just visit to use our simple points calculator or reach out to your local rep to see what works best for you.

“We’ve tried to add a lot of value to EOP without making it any more complicated,” says Sinner. “We think customers will find this easy and highly valuable for their program.”  


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