Jun 02

Aquatrols Expands its Plant Health Technology Portfolio with New Patent in Australia

Aquatrols Corporation of America (ACA), the global leader in soil surfactant technology, has been awarded an Australian patent covering technologies to manage abiotic stress and improve plant health. Dr. Stanley Kostka, who is named as the inventor on the patent, explained the importance of this new patent protection and the technology it covers.

“This technology provides a simple, effective means for reducing the negative effects of environmental stresses, including heat, radiation and drought stresses on diverse crop plants and their fruits. The broad patent gives Aquatrols widespread protection for both new and existing products,” said Kostka.

“This patent shows the true potential of our products…to enhance plant health, increase crop productivity, and overcome new challenges brought on by our changing climate.”

The invention covered in this patent relates to the discovery that, when certain surfactants are applied to the rootzone, sunburn on fruit and other harmful effects of photo-oxidative stress from intense light and heat stress are reduced.

The use of this technology offers small and large-scale growers an easy, long-lasting, and relatively inexpensive method for mitigating fruit environmental damage, particularly defects caused by sunburn and heat stress. Research has also demonstrated that the technologies covered by this patent enhance plant health while increasing fruit yield, density, color, and quality.

This is the second patent in what ACA anticipates to be sweeping global protection for its abiotic stress management portfolio. According to Aquatrols’ President Tracy Jarman, the new patent reinforces the company’s mission to change the way the world grows.

“This patent shows the true potential of our products, not only to reduce water inputs, but also to enhance plant health, increase crop productivity, and overcome new challenges brought on by our changing climate,” said Jarman.

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