Jun 30
Jun 28

Dollar Spot is on the Rise

With ongoing hot, humid weather conditions, it's important to be mindful of the symptoms of and triggers for Dollar Spot, as well as actions you can take to help mitigate this increasingly routine turfgrass disease. Until recently, the disease was widely regarded as being a problem on fescue swards, especially... read more →
Jun 20

Reflections on an Open

‘Nostalgia. It ain’t what it used to be’. So quipped American satirist Peter DeVries. Over the last few months, the nostalgia for me has been real. Every time I walk the few hundred yards from my home to the golf course I’ve loved my entire life, I am transported back... read more →
Jun 01
Apr 13

The Wet/Dry Cycle

Did you know that the wet/dry cycle which starts after a prolonged period of rainfall is one of the main contributory factors to localised dry patches caused by hydrophobicity? Depending on where you’re located in Europe, you may be thinking that after the March downpours you have seen enough water... read more →
Mar 16
Mar 08
Mar 01
Feb 02
Feb 01

Aquatrols Introduces Astria, the Industry’s First Natural Soil Surfactant

Aquatrols, the world’s leading innovator and producer of high-performance soil surfactants, has developed the professional turf industry’s first truly effective, natural and biodegradable soil surfactant. NEW JERSEY, January 2023 – Aquatrols Corporation of America proudly introduces Astria Natural Soil Surfactant. Astria joins Aquatrols’ Hydration portfolio of products, alongside industry staples... read more →