Dec 20

Study: Aquatrols' Revolution Outperforms All Other Wetting Agents

Aquatrols is pleased to announce that our Revolution product has come out on top in an extensive study comparing 39 soil wetting agent products for their ability to alleviate drought stress and localized dry spots (LDS) on turf.

Commissioned by the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and the California Turfgrass and Landscape Foundation, the study consisted of five separate experiments (three putting greens and two fairways) on three golf courses in northern California and at the University of California, Riverside between May and September 2013.  When all was said and done, Revolution stood alone above the rest.

“Under extreme water stress conditions, Revolution performed the best of all products tested in alleviating turf drought symptoms and LDS incidence,” the report concluded.

Dr. James Baird, Turfgrass Specialist at UCR and lead researcher on the report, reiterated Revolution’s impressive performance during the 2013 Turfgrass Field Day event at the University of California, Riverside.

“Revolution was overall best in show in our LDS trials conducted across California,” Dr. Baird told a crowd of nearly 200 field day attendees.

While not surprised by the findings, Aquatrols is pleased to see new research that confirms Revolution’s superior performance.

“We believe in each of our products and the sound science behind them,” said Aquatrols’ President Tracy Jarman. “It is always satisfying to see independent research confirm that our products are highly effective in helping superintendents better manage their turf.”

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You can find Dr. Baird’s full report here. To learn more about how Revolution works, check out this brief YouTube video:


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