May 05

Sustainability Upgrades: High Efficiency Lighting Installed

Over the past few months, Aquatrols has been working with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program to make our Paulsboro, NJ headquarters more energy-efficient. The partnership is a part of Aquatrols’ larger sustainability initiative to reduce our environmental impact as we work to change the way the world grows.

In March workers swapped out two rooftop HVAC units with high-efficiency replacements, streamlining our heating and cooling systems. Last week, workers finished phase two of the project by upgrading all of the lighting inside our warehouse, laboratories, and corporate offices.

In all, eighty high-efficiency lighting fixtures were installed inside the warehouse. Each new, six-lamp fixture is brighter and more energy efficient than its older counterpart. The total wattage for each light fixture was reduced from 500 watts to 340 watts. The warehouse is noticeably brighter, resulting in a safer and more environmentally-friendly workplace.

In the labs and offices, dozens of four-bulb florescent light fixtures were replaced with two-bulb fixtures containing a reflector. This new system gives off the same amount of light yet consumes half the power.

The lighting upgrades are expected to save 71,056 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. Overall energy consumption inside our facility is expected to be reduced by 10.1% in the first year.

Check out some of the stark before and after photos from the warehouse below:

Corner Pallets BeforeandAfter
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