Nov 11

Wearing our Gratitude on Our Sleeve

By: Pat Jones | Let’s remember what keeps us together in our community: #Grateful4Turf

The golf community has much for which to be grateful this year. We came back from shutdowns and the brink of disaster to post record rounds and revenue in many places. We also showed, once again, that superintendents are undeniably the essential leaders in the golf business.

I think it’s important to note that the golf business isn’t just another spreadsheet in a pile for the folks at Aquatrols. It’s their flagship business and their passion. It’s run in their blood for 70+ years.

That doesn’t mean they haven’t evolved. New leadership helped bring new agronomic solutions like the Redox line and high-quality active ingredient formulations. Customers who’d relied on Aquatrols for surfactants are now seeing the value of having a partner who can also provide nutritional and plant health solutions that have been tested as part of an integrated program.

I’m incredibly impressed with the collective agronomic wisdom of their sales team. The goal is to help customers solve problems beyond just the Aquatrols portfolio. In short, they’re in it for the long haul and that means putting your needs first.

A commitment to scientific answers for customer questions drove them to build Aura Farms, a brand-new research facility near their New Jersey headquarters. I went there and it’s going to be an extremely cool new destination for turf nerds.

I hope that over the holidays you’ll join me and the Aquatrols team as we highlight why we’re #Grateful4Turf. It could be tagging a great article or post. It could be you wanting to say what you’re grateful for. Either way it’s a way to connect the passion that most of us feel with good stories and good deeds from around the industry. We’ll use it to call out great stories about turf pros, their courses, families, dogs…you name it! Remember: we’ll tag stuff but you can too. #Grateful4Turf is for all.

So, as we approach wind down the year, I just wanted to say I’m grateful to get to help tell this story…and I’m grateful that companies like Aquatrols are here to support turf professionals so passionately.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


About The Author

Pat Jones has been writing about the golf course business for 33 years. He also teaches and speaks regularly on the state of the industry and trends in the market. Jones is no stranger to working with the Aquatrols brand having served as an advisory member of the company’s board of directors from 2002-2010. Today, his firm Flagstick LLC provides content, research and strategy to companies, distributors and associations in the market.