Feb 15

Aquatrols and Barenbrug USA Introduce New Yellow Jacket Seed Coating

Aquatrols and Barenbrug USA have entered into a partnership to produce a brand new Yellow Jacket® seed coating formulation featuring Aquatrols patented Seed Enhancement Technology (SET). The partnership was announced last week at the 2016 Golf Industry Show in San Diego.

Barenbrug USA Aquatrols Seed Enhancement

James Schneider and Dan Macias discuss seed enhancement technology with Bill Brown

The new Yellow Jacket® formulation represents the first commercially available seed coating containing Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology. In replicated trials worldwide, SET has proven to increase seed germination and seedling success rates under stress conditions brought on by deficit irrigation, extreme temperatures, and high salinity growing environments.

<<< MORE: Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating Powered by Aquatrols (.PDF) >>>

Aquatrols’ Dan Macias and Barenbrug USA’s James Schneider joined Bill Brown of TurfRepublic on the GIS trade show floor to discuss the exciting news. You can listen to that interview below:

The new Yellow Jacket® formulation is immediately available through Barenbrug USA’s distribution channels.

For more information on SET, contact your local Aquatrols representative or visit


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