Sep 12

Aquatrols Receives Significant Patent Protection in Japan

Aquatrols Corporation of America, the world leader in soil surfactant technology, is pleased to announce the continued expansion of its intellectual property protection with a significant new patent in Japan.

The new patent protects the enhancement of plant productivity by improving the plant growth medium environment with alkyl ethers of methyl oxirane-oxirane copolymer surfactants. This is the active technology present in Aquatrols’ flagship Revolution soil surfactant.

Drs. Stanley Kostka and Gregor Schuermann are named as inventors on the patent, the terms of which run through April 1, 2025.

The Japanese patent is the latest in a series of worldwide protections granted to Aquatrols for the use of this class of soil surfactant chemistry. The technology is also patented in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is the first protection granted to this technology in Asia, a major milestone for Aquatrols as it expands into the growing Asian turf market.  “The Asian turf market represents a unique and exciting opportunity for growth. This patent is a critical step toward ensuring our success in Japan and beyond,” stated Aquatrols President Tracy Jarman.

About Revolution

First launched in 2005, Revolution balances soil, air and water for a more consistent growing environment, resulting in more stress-tolerant plants. Revolution’s innovative methyl-capped structure allows water to move in a thin, continuous film through the soil profile, overcoming the inefficiencies of soil water repellency and providing highly consistent moisture and air levels throughout the rootzone.


About The Author

More than 60 years ago, Aquatrols introduced the world’s first commercially available soil wetting agent. Since creating an entirely new product category to address water management challenges and opportunities, the company has remained a top innovator and producer of high-performance soil surfactants and related technologies. Aquatrols’ advanced product suite optimizes soil-water-plant interactions in agricultural, professional turfgrass, and horticultural industries in more than 40 countries. Headquartered in southern New Jersey, Aquatrols also has offices in the United Kingdom and conducts business on six continents.