Jul 20

Have Questions about Wetting Agents? Ask the Industry Experts!

Aquatrols has been the industry leader in the development of soil surfactants since 1955. It’s been more than 50 since our founder Robert Moore patented the first ever soil surfactant technology in the United States.

Today, we continue to work with scientists and industry professionals to develop and perfect wetting agents that not only increase infiltration but also improve plant health by creating a more balanced growing environment.

Soil and water management is a subtle science and there are many factors that go into choosing the surfactant that is right for your course. If you have any questions about wetting agents, we want to hear them! Submit your questions to us on Twitter using the #AskAquatrols hash tag or send us an E-mail at

We’ll track down answers from Aquatrols’ best and brightest and post them right here on our Blog!


About The Author

More than 60 years ago, Aquatrols introduced the world’s first commercially available soil wetting agent. Since creating an entirely new product category to address water management challenges and opportunities, the company has remained a top innovator and producer of high-performance soil surfactants and related technologies. Aquatrols’ advanced product suite optimizes soil-water-plant interactions in agricultural, professional turfgrass, and horticultural industries in more than 40 countries. Headquartered in southern New Jersey, Aquatrols also has offices in the United Kingdom and conducts business on six continents.


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