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Prepare Your Turf for Stress this Season with Providian

Quick Facts about Providian:

  • Who should use Providian? Turf managers who understand that a healthy plant is the best defense against stress and disease.
  • What is Providian? Providian is an easy to use, balanced, synergistic bio-enhancement package that contains concentrated seaweed extract, multi-source chelated iron and manganese, a custom amino acid package and an Aquatrols patented uptake enhancement soil surfactant.
  • When should Providian be applied? Providian should be applied monthly, starting in spring to improve plant health prior to the onset of stressful conditions.
  • Where should Providian be applied? Providian should be applied on all high-performance turf areas.

While it may seem that summer is still a long ways off, the time for turf managers to start planning for summer stress is now. The summer season presents a number of added challenges for turfgrass managers. Rising temperatures, decreasing soil moisture, and higher traffic combine to weaken turf in the summer months, leaving it vulnerable to damage from pests and disease pressures.

The best weapon against turf decline in summer months is prevention. Enabling plants to better access minerals and nutrients already present in the air, water, and soil early in the season will create a healthier plant and lay the foundation for a sustainable turf management program. Turf that is healthy and performing to its full potential heading into the summer will be better able to defend itself against these stresses.

With this concept of sustainable turf management in mind, Aquatrols set out to develop a stress management product to help greenkeepers prepare for summer stress – before declines in turf health and quality set inProvidian was developed around the principles of balance and nutrition, with a focus on the right combination of compatible, proven ingredients in the right amounts and concentrations, and delivering them effectively into the rootzone.

What is Providian?

Providian contains Aquatrols’ patented Synergy soil surfactant technology combined with a proprietary blend of the highest quality cold process sea plants, multi-source chelated iron and manganese, and a custom amino acid package. This synergistic package is more than the sum of its individual components. The result is a complete and balanced plant stress and turfgrass health enhancement package in one easy-to-use product.

Providian has proven to increase stress resilience and enhance turfgrass visual quality under stress conditions. It leads to healthier plants by increasing photosynthesis activity and improving root growth and development. In multiple trials, Providian has proven to produce a more natural, sustainable green colour than other products on the market.

Proven Results

Research conducted by the Sports Turf Research Institute shows that Providian increases chlorophyll content, producing higher turf quality and a more consistent green colour.

                                               (STRI, 2015)



                                               (STRI, 2015)

A Synergistic Product in One Unique Package

Healthier plants are the best defense against stress from heat, drought, and increased traffic. Providian contains a carefully crafted balance of synergistic components and essential micronutrients to produce healthier plants that are better able to stand up to these stresses.

Because no mixing is required, greenkeepers can be sure that they are providing the necessary nutrients in their desired amount during each application. Providian also contains Aquatrols’ patented Synergy soil surfactant technology, giving it an added advantage when it comes to delivery into the rootzone and uptake by plant roots. This unique surfactant component not only addresses water distribution obstacles in the soil, it also allows the plant to better manage water internally by helping to strengthen cell walls.

Just as a fine wine is more than a sum of its individual ingredients, so it is with the Providian package. Fine wine is not the result of a few simple ingredients mixed together, but rather many factors working in harmony: the appropriate grape variety, soil type, barrel, and balance of juices, potassium, yeast, etc. Comparatively, the Providian package is more than just the sum of iron, manganese, sea plant extracts, or any of its other individual components. Rather, it is all of these components, which chelate and complex each other, combined with patented surfactant technology to produce healthier turf that will better stand up to summer stress.

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