Jun 06

Putting the "Green" Back in Greenhouse

Today members of the Aquatrols team embarked on a tour of nearby Lucas Greenhouses. Family owned and operated since 1979, the sprawling facility in Monroeville, New Jersey is currently listed as the 65th largest greenhouse space in the United States.


A regional rooting station for Syngenta Flowers, Lucas serves as a major supplier for garden centers and landscapers throughout the Northeast.

Zipping around the expansive property in a limo-sized golf cart, owner George Lucas (no, not that George Lucas) proudly outlined his mission to remain on the industry’s cutting edge. From futuristic retractable roofs to a nearly-sentient environmental control system, it’s safe to say his company is doing just that.

Part of remaining ahead is coming up with a way to deal with water scarcity issues. And while southern New Jersey usually avoids major dry spells, Lucas says responsible water use has always been a cornerstone of his business. The use of certain soil mixes that contain wetting agents is just one way Lucas makes the most of its water supply. The facility is also home to a revolutionary water filtration system.

Lucas estimates that nearly 90% of the flood irrigation water he uses is collected, recycled, and used again in the system. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? George Lucas certainly thinks so.

Our hats are off to George Lucas and his family for shouldering such an enormous environmental responsibility. Here’s to putting the “green” back in Greenhouse!


About The Author

More than 60 years ago, Aquatrols introduced the world’s first commercially available soil wetting agent. Since creating an entirely new product category to address water management challenges and opportunities, the company has remained a top innovator and producer of high-performance soil surfactants and related technologies. Aquatrols’ advanced product suite optimizes soil-water-plant interactions in agricultural, professional turfgrass, and horticultural industries in more than 40 countries. Headquartered in southern New Jersey, Aquatrols also has offices in the United Kingdom and conducts business on six continents.