May 23

Aquatrols’ Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund Supports High-Tech Turf Research Project

droneThe Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GSCAA) has announced that it is funding seven new research projects through grants from the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) in 2017.

The research projects will take place at six major universities across the United States. Schools receiving funds in 2017 include the University of Georgia, Rutgers University, Oklahoma State University, Oregon State University, Virginia Tech, and Texas A&M.

The GCSAA will also continue to support seven additional research projects through funds that it allocated in 2016.

A committee hand-picked each of the seven new research projects. Superintendents, university researchers, members of the GCSAA Board of Directors, and the Research Director of the USGA Green Section helped to make the decision. Total funding for the seven projects will come from a $115,680 block grant issued through the EIFG.

The Aquatrols’ Robert A. Moore Endowment fund, established in memory of Aquatrols’ late founder, will support a high-tech research project at the University of Georgia through the EIFG grant in 2017. Monique Leclerc, Ph.D. at UGA will use funding from the Endowment Fund to study “the effectiveness of using low-cost drone technology mounted with a multispectral camera to tailor water use to warm-season grasses on golf courses.” A complete list of the six other research projects and their authors can be found on the GCSAA website.

About the Aquatrols’ Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund

Honoring the late Robert Moore, who founded Aquatrols more than 60 years ago, The Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund supports applied research for optimizing the growing environment for golf course turf while minimizing inputs of water, fertilizers, and pesticides. You can learn more about the fund and make a donation by clicking here.


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