Oct 14

Aquatrols' Conductor™ Media Surfactant Officially Registered for Sale in Canada

Aquatrols is pleased to announce that its new Conductor™ media surfactant has received a registration from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Conductor is a long-lasting media surfactant that provides better initial wetting and re-wetting of soilless growing media and more uniform water distribution during irrigation events.

A major benefit of the Conductor formulation is its ability to extend the shelf life of growing media mixes in the bag. Independent testing has shown that Conductor-treated growing media remains wettable at commercially acceptable levels up to nine months in storage, much longer than previous formulations and other competitive products currently on the market.

Resized Soil Mix
Nick Gadd, Director of Global Marketing for Aquatrols touted this benefit as a major plus for the horticultural market. “One of the most important things to our growing media producers and growers is shelf life. Due to market fluctuations and sometimes unpredictable production schedules, growers may find themselves with media in the bag for much longer than originally anticipated,” said Gadd.

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“Conductor has shown that it is viable in the bag for much longer than any other media surfactant on the market. Growing media producers and growers can be confident that media treated with Conductor will perform optimally, even after long-term storage,” he added.

Conductor is immediately available for sale in the North American growing media market. For more information, contact Aquatrols Account Manager Walter Dea at


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