Feb 12

Aquatrols Makes a $10,000 Donation to the Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund

Aquatrols is pleased to announce a $10,000 donation to the Aquatrols’ Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund. The fund was established by the Environmental Institute for Golf in honor of Aquatrols’ founder Robert A. Moore, a proud GCSAA supporter for more than 50 years until his passing in 2010.

More than just money, [this donation] is a symbol of our continued dedication to making the business of running a golf course more sustainable.

The endowment fund supports applied research for optimizing the growing environment for golf course turf, with specific goals for increasing the effectiveness of applied water, fertilizers and pesticides.

The goal is to develop maintenance practices that result in beautiful golf courses with minimal impact on the environment and consumption of resources.

Aquatrols Donates Envrionmental Institute for Golf

Robert Moore’s three children, Andy Moore, Demie Moore, and Tracy Jarman, presented the check last week at the 2013 Golf Industry Show in San Diego. Jarman, who currently serves as President and CEO of Aquatrols, took a moment to explain the significance of the donation.

“This donation allows us to continue our father’s legacy of promoting a more efficient and wise use of water and inputs in the golf industry. More than just money, it is a symbol of our continued dedication to making the business of running a golf course more sustainable,” she said.

For more information on the Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund or to donate, please visit


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