Aug 09

Dr. Matt Madsen Receives Early Career Scientist Award

Dr. Madsen (third from right) and his crew at the ARS seed coating lab in Burns, Oregon

The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has named Dr. Matt Madsen its Early Career Scientist of the Year in the Pacific West area. According to the ARS, Dr. Madsen is being recognized for his work in “transforming the area of arid land reseeding and restoration, contributing greatly to food and fiber production and biodiversity on our nation’s arid lands.”

“Having the opportunity to collaborate with Aquatrols has been vital to the success of my research program.”

Dr. Madsen’s work has been highly instrumental in the development of Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology. He has worked closely with Aquatrols since 2012 when the company first signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the ARS to explore the effects of surfactant seed coating.

When reached for comment, Madsen was extremely grateful and quick to share his accomplishment with others.

“I greatly appreciate this award. It is an honor to be an ARS employee and to work with the outstanding people who have helped make my research program what it is today. Having the opportunity to collaborate with Stan Kostka and others from Aquatrols has been vital to the success of my research program. Stan has been a mentor and friend since I started my PhD. While collaborating with Aquatrols, I have had the opportunity to aid in the development of new seed enhancement technologies and to share this exciting research at various scientific meetings in North America and abroad,” he said.

Madsen acknowledged the serendipitous nature of his work with Aquatrols, noting that his surfactant seed coating techniques may have wide-ranging impacts in the real world, from golf courses and sports fields to crop production and rangeland restoration.

“While my focus is primarily on native plants for rangeland restoration and Aquatrols is on turfgrass and agricultural crops, there are many strong similarities in our programs. It is interesting how our research to improve golf courses is providing solutions to restoring degraded rangelands and how research to improve rangelands is helping to improve grass establishment on golf courses.”

Dr. Madsen and the other 2014 award winners will be formally recognized at the Annual ARS Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 in Beltsville, MD. For a full list of 2014 recipients, click here.

Please join all of us at Aquatrols in sending Dr. Madsen a well deserved, “Congratulations!”


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