Sep 17

Fend Off The Unwanted With Our New Insecticide & Herbicide

Our company has always had deep roots in golf course management and now we’re using 70 years of agronomic expertise to bring you the effective and affordable plant protection alternatives you need most. This year we have two new additions to our active ingredient line designed to help our customers defend their turf.

Avatar® PLX insecticide nails annual bluegrass weevil (ABW), mole crickets, and other highly problematic pests. It’s a unique combination of two systemic active ingredients that complement each other well. This unique combination can be a useful tool for managing pyrethroid resistance. Avatar PLX is effective on all larvae and adult stages of ABW, but best utilized as an instar application. Trials performed at Penn State validate its excellent performance and show comparable results to higher cost industry leading ABW products. Avatar PLX is available in durable, low odor packaging.

“This is a big win for supers who want to control ABW on more acres without blowing their budget” says Aquatrols’ Product Manager, Eric Griscom.

Medusa™ herbicide hits hard on over 185 broadleaf and grassy weeds, like crabgrass and foxtail. In addition to golf courses, it’s also labeled for lawns, athletic fields, and sod farms. The label allows for two broadcast applications annually.

“Medusa provides turf managers a convenient all-in-one solution to tackle both grassy and broadleaf weeds,” says Griscom.

Both products will be featured in our Approach EOP rewards program and will be available from our distributors this fall.


About The Author

More than 60 years ago, Aquatrols introduced the world’s first commercially available soil wetting agent. Since creating an entirely new product category to address water management challenges and opportunities, the company has remained a top innovator and producer of high-performance soil surfactants and related technologies. Aquatrols’ advanced product suite optimizes soil-water-plant interactions in agricultural, professional turfgrass, and horticultural industries in more than 40 countries. Headquartered in southern New Jersey, Aquatrols also has offices in the United Kingdom and conducts business on six continents.