Sep 17

Super Simple Rewards

By Aquatrols Staff

Our “super simple” Approach Rewards Program gets even better with the addition of Redox products and new active ingredient solutions.

Is this the year you really maximize your early order to get the most from your budget?

If so, the good news is that our Approach Rewards Program is just as simple and even more valuable than last year. The great news is that Redox products and our newest herbicide and insecticide solutions are now also included.

“Our rewards program is super simple,” says Product Manager Eric Griscom.

“If your course has previously signed up for Approach in prior years then you’re still enrolled. Purchases made between October 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 earn double rewards, but Approach users can still earn standard points through July 31st, 2021. These points will automatically be added to user accounts.”

The big news this year is that courses can earn Approach rewards for Redox products in our TurfRX Nutritional line. “You’ll now earn points for Fairway+, Micro+, NatureCur, P+, Green and Supreme,” says Griscom.

We’re also introducing two new products this fall that will be part of Approach:

  • Medusa™ herbicide, a broad-spectrum herbicide with broadleaf and grassy weed control.
  • Avatar® PLX insecticide, a dry-flowable that delivers excellent control of ABW, mole crickets, and other pests using a unique combination of two systemic active ingredients.
    (You can read more about these new additions here)

“Supers can really take advantage of this year’s Approach program by combining products from our growing portfolio of water management, nutritional and active ingredient products,” says Griscom. “We want to give customers buying Zipline or Revolution an incentive to try one of our new actives or add Redox products to the mix next year. This program automatically rewards that.”

And what can you earn by simply buying the Aquatrols products you need from an authorized distributor?

“Account credits and VISA gift cards are still the most popular choices but YETI coolers were popular during our in-season promotion,” says Griscom. “The rewards themselves are also very flexible, just like our program.”

Click here to learn more about Approach or to sign up if you are new to the program.


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