Nov 10

Maximize Your Efforts In 2021

By: Aquatrols | A simple addition of a quality soil surfactant can substantially boost the impact of your early season herbicide applications as well as other soil applied inputs.

Papa Johns is famous for saying “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” The same is true with your tank-mix ingredients, particularly for important sprays like spring pre-emergent applications.

“We’ve shown that Dispatch Sprayable, really does help deliver your pre-emerge products better,” says Eric Griscom of Aquatrols. Dispatch Sprayable also helps increase the effectiveness of other soil applied inputs as well.

During a recent superintendent interview, Tim Christians expressed why he is a loyal user to this approach.

You can read his full story here.

“For pre-emerge and insecticides I will throw in a little Dispatch. It’s basically in every fairway spray. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it helps me get the most bang for my buck on fungicides.”

Tim Christians, Superintendent at Makray Memorial Golf Course

And it doesn’t even add much cost to the pizza.

“Adding Dispatch Sprayable is a cost effective way to improve the delivery of your pre-emerge herbicide and create a better environment for success,” says Griscom. “Dispatch Sprayable helps your pre-emerge application penetrate into the soil more effectively and more uniformly.”

Take a look at this video we put together to help explain the process.

Griscom recommends a simple rate of 16 ounces per acre for Dispatch Sprayable with your pre-emerge.

The recommendation covers most mixes and most pre-emerge products like prodiamine, pendimethalin and dithiopyr, etc. (Bayer notes that Specticle is an exception). This applies to other soil applied fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and PGR’s as well.

“It should be in your tank for your first pre-emerge or both tanks for a split app.”

Final thoughts? “It’s a great insurance policy. There’s no agronomic downside to including it and it’s pretty cost-effective. Remember if you get crabgrass breakthrough and have to go back and spray it again, the chemical and labor cost is a lot more than putting 16 oz per acre of Dispatch in the tank. It’s a no-brainer.”


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