Oct 05

Get to Know UniGrow

Two new products, CarbN and Brawler, leverage Aquatrols’ proven surfactant technology to provide improved nutritional options.

By Aquatrols

Aquatrols is using their industry-leading surfactant science in new ways this year with the introduction of UniGrow, a proprietary technology that’s already powering two new products: CarbN and Brawler Phosphite Fertilizer.

What’s UniGrow?

“UniGrow is Aquatrols’ new formulation platform that improves the distribution and uniformity of applications,” says Robert Wilson, Portfolio Development Manager. “It uses what we know about surfactants to help deliver nutritional products more effectively.”

Each UniGrow solution is built from scratch. “We pick the right surfactant technology and marry it with a key nutritional need,” says Wilson. “The goal is to give it better dispersal into the soil profile, more uniformity and, ultimately, get more uptake by the plant.”

Not Just Another N

The first product in the new UniGrow line is CarbN. It’s a fast-acting nitrogen and soluble carbon solution that is delivered uniformly, with better uptake to give you better plant performance.

“We know a lot about how our surfactants work with Redox products and we felt like there should be a nitrogen source that was designed to work in harmony with low-N programs, so we created CarbN,” says Wilson.

With more and more superintendents using less and less nitrogen, the goal was to offer something for them. “We built the product, first and foremost, to give Redox users a nitrogen source that complemented their programs. It’s not just another N. It’s built on our UniGrow technology and there’s also a bit of proprietary Redox stuff in there too,” he says.

It’s a nice marriage of Aquatrols and Redox, he adds. “You’re getting better distribution and a Redox humic acid blend that will help with nutrient uptake. The goal is for it to be a nutrition product by itself.”

Meet Brawler

They’re also adding the UniGrow boost to Brawler, a phosphite fertilizer product designed to increase plant health benefits and tolerance of biotic and abiotic stressors by promoting better plant defense.

“Again, UniGrow can take something widely used like a phosphite fertilizer and deliver it more effectively into the profile where it can do more for you,” says Wilson. “Uniformity is key. If you can do anything to increase that you’re going to benefit.”

Brawler is safe for all turf types and recommended at 2-6 oz/1,000 every 14 days during the growing season.

What’s next?

“We’re excited about the future of UniGrow and its potential to help get the most from plant nutrition and health programs,” he says. “We’re obviously doing some similar things on our protection side with the UniTech formulation platform. We find the best blend for each program.”

Wilson is “pumped” that the company now has valuable new technologies in three different plant science areas: hydration, nutrition and protection. “You’re ultimately buying a surfactant-driven product from the world leaders in surfactant technology. It’s nice to be able to be confident that it’s going to do what you need it to do because of our science.”

He’s also pumped that the company is adding key products to the nutrition portfolio. “That’s the goal. We want to be able to cover pretty much all of the superintendent’s needs. We’re getting there!”


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