Jun 29

Greetings from Norway!

We promised earlier that we’d get an update from Demie Moore, an Aquatrols family member who is currently touring Norway following this week’s European Turfgrass Society Conference. We’re keeping good on that promise!

From Demie:

“Having a great time with the small but stalwart crew of ETS (European Turfgrass Society) conference attendees who set out on the post-conference excursion to see/learn a bit more about Norway. Good thing it doesn’t get dark here until nearly midnight because our tour guide, Agnar Kvalbein (Bioforsk Turfgrass Research Group), arranged a really full program! We are looking at and seeing the southwest region of Norway (and its turfgrass) from all kinds of different angles – and of course having a great time.”

Check out some other awesome pics that Demie sent over:

A grass roof in Southwest Norway

Kirk from TPI wondering how they mow this…

Demie bravely taking the best seat in the house

Wow! Big thanks to Demie for sharing these amazing images with us! Look for more globe-trotting updates in the coming weeks as Aquatrols continues to work with the best minds in the international turfgrass community (just as it has for over 30 years). Be sure to follow the excitement on Twitter and Facebook.


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    June 29, 2012 at 5:54 pm ·

    Beautiful stuff! I plan on making it to Norway after some time in Denmark and Sweden, but I’m really most psyched about seeing the landscapes in Norway. Check out my site if you get the chance.