Jumpstarting the Season with Revolution
May 16

Jumpstarting the Season with Revolution

Your rootzone is probably in better shape in spring than it will be at any other time during the season – its water reserves are fully charged with snowmelt and/or spring rains, and there is very little instance of overt water repellency. But this doesn’t mean that you should hold off on your wetting agent applications. In fact, spring is the best time of year to start your Revolution program to maintain high quality turf into and throughout the season.

Why Revolution

In early spring Revolution helps balance the air-to-water ratios in your soil for better root respiration, and helps move excess water away from the surface and through the profile for firmer playing surfaces.

Revolution enhanced turfgrass quality at 50% ET replacement

Dr. Xi Xiong – University of Missouri (2013)

Revolution enhanced turfgrass quality at 50% ET replacement

As the spring progresses into summer and conditions become hotter and drier, Revolution maintains more uniform moisture throughout the rootzone. This keeps moisture accessible to plant roots for healthy uniform growth and minimizes plant stress.  By maintaining moisture in the soil, Revolution also minimizes the effect of wet/dry cycles that contribute to the development of water repellency.

Building Healthy Turf from the Ground Up

When it comes to growing great turf, your soil is where it all starts. If the turf’s supporting environment is not functioning at its best, neither can your turf.

Revolution helps you build healthy turf from the ground up. It works to stabilize water movement throughout the soil profile, helping you more effectively manage soil moisture and more fully utilize the soil’s capacity for water distribution and storage. This provides plant roots with more reliable moisture access, enabling the plant to photosynthesize more effectively and to make and store greater levels of carbohydrates for use during periods of stress.

Application Timeline

To get the full benefits of Revolution, applications should begin at least 1 month prior to the anticipated onset of stress conditions in your area and continued monthly throughout the season.  After an initial application of 6 ounces/1000 ft2, Revolution can be applied monthly at 6 ounces/1000 ft2, or biweekly at 3 ounces/1000 ft2.  To deliver Revolution to the desired depth in the rootzone, apply one third to one half inch of water after application.

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