Sep 24

New & Improved: Tough Turf Xcel

As we approach the end of the summer months, it’s time to toughen turf for the cooler seasons. The new and improved Tough Turf Xcel package from Aquatrols enhances turf nutrition ready for the fight against disease.

The Tough Turf package was first introduced in 2013 to provide the marketplace with a plant and soil friendly, low N, high K turf health solution to equip turf managers with a tool to use as part of their integrated disease management strategy.

By providing a well-balanced array of specific nutrients, plant health can be improved without increasing top-growth and plants can be strengthened prior to the onset of the abiotic stresses that the Autumn and Winter months can initiate.

The package consists of a number of proven products from the Aquatrols liquid nutritional range; namely Ferrosol, Premium K and a new and improved calcium based product called CalSea Xtra.

Ferrosol: Liquid iron is a firm favourite in the amenity sector and has now been in the marketplace for over 30 years. It was the first chelated iron introduced into the UK and its unique iron-nitrogen bonded complex formulation makes it ideal for all year round use as it provides a rapid green up of turf without blackening.  As it acidifies the leaf and doesn’t affect soil pH, it can be used all year round, but it can be an effective tool in the fight against turf diseases come the susceptible months and especially against Fusarium patch (microdochium nivale).

Premium K: Liquid potassium contains potassium acetate as this unique form of potassium has greater benefits over other potassium sources. Its superior formulation ensures that it can be absorbed and translocated by the grass plant up to 5 times quicker than other conventional sources of K. It is also the lowest salt indexed form of potassium available and is therefore the most soil & plant friendly formulation, which at low rates applies relatively large amounts of nutrient.

CalSea Xtra: Our new and improved low salt indexed calcium formulation with the added benefits of seaweed. It provides a balanced supply of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium that are proven to build and strengthen cell walls in leaves, stems and roots. The use of calcium in strengthening plants to assist in the fight against disease is well documented and there is no doubt that calcium plays a major part in ensuring plant health is not only maintained, but also enhanced. The new synergistic formulation ensures rapid uptake and absorption of nutrients which promotes both root and leaf development whilst also ensuring that micronutrients and applied nitrogen is utilised efficiently. The added benefits of seaweed are again well documented, but improvements in soil texture, overall plant health, increased and deeper rooting and enhanced photosynthesis, are to name but a few.

The new and improved Tough Turf Xcel package that has a reduced nitrogen loading and a reduced salt index will provide a rapid green up and hardening of the turf without excessive top-growth. Turf managers who use this package confirm hardening and strengthening of leaf, stem and root cell walls that provides increased plant rigidity, whilst a definite increase in overall plant health has been proven to assist in the fight against and recovery from disease outbreaks.

Many turf managers who have used this unique combination over a longer period of time report success in combatting outbreaks of Anthracnose and Dollar spot incidences and the regular use of the package has in many cases led to a significant reduction in the use of applied fungicides. The improved solubility of the new formulation has an increased synergistic effect that increases mychorizal populations and enhances microbial activity. By increasing uptake, absorption and availability of applied nutrients, plant health is increased and plant stresses are mitigated.

This now popular and proven package when applied as a tank mix of 10 litres each of Ferrosol, Premium K and CalSea Xtra in a minimum of 400-600 litres of water per Hectare provides a balance of N, K, Ca, Mg and Fe and has an analysis of 2-0-4 & Seaweed.

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