Apr 10

STRI Testing: Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology Improves Germination, Establishment

Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology improves seed germination and establishment under water deficit conditions, according to a report from the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) in Bingley, UK.

STRI testing showed that Aquatrols’ surfactant seed coatings improved seedling emergence and sward establishment of Chewings fescue in greenhouse conditions. The surfactant seed coatings also showed promising shelf life characteristics in perennial ryegrass and tall fescue, according to Dr. Ruth Mann at the STRI.

The germination of treated seeds was significantly better than untreated seeds after eight months in storage.  Separate, ongoing testing at Aquatrols’ global headquarters has shown that viability of treated seed was unaffected after 18 months.

Aquatrols President and CEO Tracy Jarman was encouraged by the results of the STRI testing.

“Aquatrols has always prided itself on a commitment to research. We are constantly working to better understand the science behind soil-water-plant interactions and how our products affect the dynamic relationship between soil and water. Working with independent organizations, such as the Sports Turf Research Institute, helps us to objectively evaluate our new and existing technologies. We are very pleased with these results and are excited about the potential widespread impacts of Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology,” she said.

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