Jul 31
Jul 27

Ask Aquatrols: Watering in Revolution

It’s Friday! That means it’s time to answer your #AskAquatrols questions of the week! If you have a  question about wetting agents or the science behind soil surfactants, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook to get answers from the experts! Our first question comes from Twitter user @spartangrass... read more →
Jul 25

Take the Sting Out of Fairy Ring

For superintendents, it’s the stuff of nightmares. A morning tour of the course reveals the development of fairy ring, circular patches of discoloration on their otherwise healthy greens. To add insult to injury, mushrooms may be sprouting up in and around the affected areas. Aside from being unsightly, fairy ring... read more →
Jul 20
Jul 18
Jul 16

Battling Localized Dry Spots

This summer has been a rough one for many golf courses in the United States (pun intended). Pervasive heat and prolonged dry spells are wreaking havoc with courses across the country. According to the US Drought Monitor, nearly 80% of the continental US currently faces drier-than-normal conditions. During these dog... read more →
Jul 13
Jul 12
Jul 09
Jul 06

You Say Tomato, We Say Water Savings…

As millions of Americans sit down to barbecues this holiday weekend, most will probably indulge in at least one serving of the world’s favorite vegetable (errr, fruit.) After all, what good would all those burgers be without a little ketchup? You may or may not be surprised to learn that... read more →