May 07

Video: Got Calcite? Get Blast!

Calcite formation in soils can cause problems with infiltration and permeability. This problem can be exacerbated by a variety of factors, including poor irrigation water quality and prolonged periods of drought or abnormally dry weather conditions.

A common test to determine whether a soil contains calcium carbonate is a “Fizz” test. During this test, a dilute hydrochloric acid solution is poured onto a soil sample. If it “fizzes” and a gas is given off, calcium carbonate is present. This test can be used to determine if the entire soil is calcareous or if there is a layer of calcium carbonate at a certain depth in a non-calcareous soil, when a soil core is tested.

What can you do to combat this calcium carbonate layer if it is detected?

Blast is a unique acid formulation combined with Synergy Technology that safely dissolves carbonate build-up in the soil, rapidly opens soil pores for better infiltration and percolation of water, and frees up calcium, magnesium and other bound nutrients. It is available in both a sprayable and injectable formulation.

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The video below, recorded by Ken Mauser of Aquatrols and Brad Baker of Wilbur Ellis in Ontario, CA, shows how Blast works in the soil to dissolve the calcium carbonate. Take a look for yourself:

A second video shows Blast dissolving calcium carbonate that was removed from the inside of an irrigation line:

Remember, it is always important to test your irrigation water quality. That is the first step in determining whether there could be potential issues in your soil. However, the amount of information in these tests can be overwhelming. Aquatrols Guide to Turfgrass Salinity Issues is a great resource for figuring out exactly what your soil and water tests mean and how you can address common problems brought about by poor irrigation water.

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