Nov 16
Oct 13
Oct 12

Be Prepared with Tough Turf

Without doubt it has been a demanding summer for turf managers throughout the UK and Europe. The cold, dry spring was followed by at times record breaking heat in conjunction with continued drought conditions. Maintaining high quality turf surfaces under these environmental pressures has been extremely challenging. Closely monitoring moisture... read more →
Oct 06

Dead Simple Solutions

How we helped Darren Crowther diagnose his issues and chart a course for better agronomy at Houldsworth GC. By Paul Lowe Houldsworth Golf Club, is an 18-hole parkland golf course situated in-between Stockport and Manchester. About two years ago Darren Crowther and his small team set about transforming this hidden... read more →
Oct 05
Oct 05

Get to Know UniGrow

Two new products, CarbN and Brawler, leverage Aquatrols’ proven surfactant technology to provide improved nutritional options. By Aquatrols Aquatrols is using their industry-leading surfactant science in new ways this year with the introduction of UniGrow, a proprietary technology that’s already powering two new products: CarbN and Brawler Phosphite Fertilizer. What’s... read more →
Oct 05

Dead Simple

How the least-complicated plan ever helped turn the turf around at a club that needed some love. Here’s Pat Jones’s conversation with Houldsworth GC head greenkeeper Darren Crowther as well as an in-depth look at his super simple program developed by Aquatrols’ Paul Lowe. By Pat Jones When Darren Crowther... read more →
Oct 05

Aquatrols Approach Program Recognized for Excellence

The Aquatrols Approach program was recently recognized by Loyalty360, the national group that charts successful customer loyalty programs. The company was among a group of leading national business-to-business brands that are “building stronger and deeper loyalty with their customers in a proactive, meaningful, and—most importantly—measurable way.” Loyalty360 awarded finalists in... read more →
Oct 04

2023 EOP: New Products, More Choices and Bigger Value

By Aquatrols | The introduction of UniGrow nutrients, expanded options for UniTech protection products and – of course – the best surfactant technologies in the industry are all part of the 2023 Approach Early Order Program. Aquatrols is growing its portfolio in three areas critical to turf professionals: hydration, nutrition... read more →
Sep 28